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Studio 804 on the outside, you on the inside.


Studio 804

Hello Everyone, Im Jen Buetow :-)

My job is to create buetowful hair; my passion is to help you realize you already have it:)

It took just two weeks for me to realize college was not what I wanted. I left, got a whim of a recommendation, and enrolled in Cosmetology School. Here I am SIXTEEN years later! One of my best decisions. I love doing hair. It fuels the extrovert in me and challenges the creative. I have taken several classes in NYC, styled Miami Swim Week, and assisted for the Oscars while living in LA. I own a Travel Wedding Hair + Makeup business (www.maneandmascara) with teams in FL, CA, CO, DC, AZ, and SC. I am always looking to further expand my clientele! Send me a message, and fill out my new client form, so we can start the conversation about your hair! I look forward to making you feel Buetowful. 

                       -Jen Buetow

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